Penerapan Nilai- Nilai Hak Asasi Manusia Dalam Pendidikan Pesantren Al-Ihsan Pondok Cabe

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Muh Amin


The results of this research show that al-Ihsan Islamic boarding school uses equality and justice principle as the basis for managing the education system while developing the existence of Islamic boarding schools. Both of these principles have not been fully implemented properly, but several policies indicate that there is a serious effort on the side of the Institute to apply both of these principles it can be proven through the policies related to the admission of new students, student housing, teaching and learning activities, staying at the dorm, and enforcing the rules. In addition, al-Ihsan Islamic boarding school applies the values of human rights based on the theocentric concept which contains the idea of equality and brotherhood of all humans, by integrating human rights values in the educational patterns, and social relationship patterns.

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